Enviropactor™ - Cost effective Recycling Equipment
The Enviropactor™ makes transporting used beverage containers (UBC) from depot to processing
centre, easier and more efficient. It compacts containers at point of pick-up, increasing the amount
of containers that can be transported.

The Enviropactor™ improves efficiencies and cuts costs at all stages of beverage container
recycling: Depot → Transport → Warehousing → Processing

Clean-outs - more frequent total clean-outs at depots.
Enhanced Program Integrity – sealed bags improves security and ensures product integrity.
Storage - empty bags are enviropacted so less storage is required.

Cut Fuel Costs
- increased capacity of trailers means fewer trucks & trailers are required.
Full Trailer - efficient loading right to the trailer doors. Even the Enviropactor™ loading chamber

                   can hold additional bags.
Quick Release - move it from trailer to trailer in 10 min for continued service.

Enviropactor Truck - recycling compactor in the trailer

The Enviropactor™ is easily installed in a
conventional transport trailer and increases
load capacity up to 400%. 

Less Space - compacted bags of used beverage containers (UBC) take up less space.
Handling - compacted bags are smaller and easier to handle.


Efficiency - further processing is improved due to pre-compaction of UBC.
Energy - reduces the energy used to process beverage containers into bales.

Integrating the Enviropactor™ into your recycling system reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
and reduces your company's carbon footprint. Learn more about the green benefits.

Enviropactor - increased payloads

The Enviropactor™ compacts used beverage containers before transporting. The equipment is capable of crushing 300 cubic metres of recyclable containers down to 80.

Read more about how it works.

The Enviropactor is distributed by KC Sargent Sales Ltd - contact

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