Hebert's Recycling Inc.


Heberts Recycling Inc is a third generation family business started in Miramichi, New Brunswick in the 1950's as a collection depot and has grown throughout Atlantic Canada. Heberts Recycling now operates three processing plants in Atlantic Canada and has 55 employees.

KC Sargent Sales, a sister company, is responsible for the development and distribution of the Enviropactor™.

The Enviropactor™ was developed as a response to rising fuel costs and to increase efficiency in transporting recyclable containers. Heberts Recycling trucks have been equipped with the Enviropactor™ which is now available to the recycling industry across North America.

Photo: K.C. Sargent Sales' Vice President Carole Sargent and her husband, President Kevin Sargent, celebrate the company's success with ACOA Account Manager Claude Schofield (at right) at ACOA’s Art of Success III reception.


Contributing to a cost effective recycling system

With the Enviropactor™ you will:

  • save money
  • improve efficiency
  • decrease fuel consumption
  • reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions

The Enviropactor™ compacts used beverage containers (UBC) at point of pick-up, improving efficiencies and cutting costs at all stages of beverage container recycling:

Depot → Transport → Warehousing → Processing


Sales & FAQs

Learn how the Enviropactor™ will enhance your recycling system:

  • How do I acquire an Enviropactor™?
  • How long does it take to compact recyclables?
  • How much compaction is achievable?

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The Enviropactor™

The Enviropactor™ saves you money by reducing costs in:

  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Processing

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Green Policy

We care about the environment. With our product you can:

  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • slash fuel consumption by up to 60%
  • decrease energy use

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