Enviropactor™ - Cost effective Recycling Equipment

The Enviropactor™ makes transporting used beverage containers (UBC) from depot to processing centre, easier and more efficient. It compacts containers at point of pick-up, increasing the amount of containers that can be transported.

The Enviropactor™ improves efficiencies and cuts costs at all stages of beverage container recycling: Depot → Transport → Warehousing → Processing


  • Clean-outs - more frequent total clean-outs at depots.
  • Enhanced Program Integrity – sealed bags improves security and ensures product integrity.
  • Storage - empty bags are enviropacted so less storage is required.


  • Cut Fuel Costs - increased capacity of trailers means fewer trucks & trailers are required.
  • Full Trailer - efficient loading right to the trailer doors. Even the Enviropactor™ loading chamber can hold additional bags.
  • Quick Release - move it from trailer to trailer in 10 min for continued service.

The Enviropactor™ is easily installed in a conventional transport trailer and increases load capacity up to 400%.


  • Less Space - compacted bags of used beverage containers (UBC) take up less space.
  • Handling - compacted bags are smaller and easier to handle.


  • Efficiency - further processing is improved due to pre-compaction of UBC.
  • Energy - reduces the energy used to process beverage containers into bales.

Integrating the Enviropactor™ into your recycling system reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduces your company's carbon footprint. Learn more about the green benefits.

The Enviropactor™ compacts used beverage containers before transporting. The equipment is capable of crushing 300 cubic metres of recyclable containers down to 80.

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